Sunday, 10 June 2012

CDP23 Things - I'm back!!! Update for the 2012 Programme

CDP23 Things - I'm back!!! I seem to have said this before, but hopefully, this time it really will be true.

So a quick recap of the CPD23 Things programme for 2012 and I came across Storify included in Thing 4. This was new - it seems to replace Pushnote on the 2011 programme. I see why now - Pushnote has now closed.

So Storify allows you to integrate content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or any other web site, with your own comments. This may be a great vehicle for writing a reflective account on an event, or for posting a story on work undertaken etc.

My first stab at using Storify is available here This was just a very quick play but I can see the value of using this tool. Some others on CPD23 Things have also tried out Storify see the list here.

So that will do for the moment. CPD23 Things - I am back. Next posting to follow shortly.


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