Saturday, 10 November 2012

Thing 18 - Screen capture and podcasts

For me, the CPD23 Things "gentle wander" has just become a sprint finish. I've just found out that the completion target is 30 November. Heavens, 6 "Things" in 20 days!!

(c) Doug Tanner, 2010 on Flickr 

Thing 18 continues the theme of presenting information, and provides some tools to investigate for screen capture and for podcasting. Given, that in my usual work situation, I would not be able to download software onto my work PC, I opted to investigate Screencast-O-Matic. This is easy to use, and doesn't require software download. However, I still have doubts about whether I may be able to use screencast applications in work because of the reasonably sophisticated Java requirements.

My experience of using SOM was good, although it appears to be essential to check that your microphone is working prior to each recording. Don't complete a long screen capture sequence only to discover that your audio commentary wasn't being recorded. As a trial use of SOM I have put together an introduction to finding publications from the Welsh Government, using the WG Publications Catalogue, but also using the topics and browse features on the web site. An embedded version is given here or you can access this link to view it at You Tube

I've learnt quite a lot in the process.

  • At 11 minutes this is way too long. I need to think about relaying the message more quickly, or having a series of videos on particular elements of the search process.
  • The narration script needs to be tighter, and I know that I don't have a strong voice for narration!
  • But, most importantly, that screencasting is relatively easy and definitely something that I should consider using and developing in future.
So another big "thank you" to CPD 23 Things!

On podcasting my views are different. To my mind a picture really does tell a thousand words. I'm not sure how I could produce a regular podcast with any benefit. I am a real radio buff, and I really value the "play it again" feature available on many radio stations websites. But I don't see how I could generate a podcast with adequate information interest, or quality of production, to be of benefit. These are my initial thoughts. Please tell me / show me how I may be wrong! 

So another Thing closer to completion.What's next?

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