Thursday, 13 June 2013

A change is as good...

I've recently returned from secondment with CILIP Cymru Wales. What did I hope to achieve from secondment and were these hopes realised?
Celebrating all of the nominees
Conference high-point. Celebrating the nominees for the Welsh Librarian of the Year
award. Image (c) CILIP Cymru Wales,  2013. 

I've been a member of CILIP for more than 20 years, and it's been a guiding light in my career, especially in providing a formal structure for professional qualifications. Having a chance to work more formally with CILIP in Wales, aside from my role with CDG Wales, I hoped would provide me with:
  • opportunities to update my awareness of library policy matters in Wales and across the UK
  • to develop my skills in Policy Analysis and in formulating official responses - gaining an "outside" view on these processes
  • freedom to experiment with new technologies including web-casting, blogging and other social media
  • practical experience of stakeholder management - CILIP's members and other key bodies in Wales and across the UK
  • an "in at the deep-end" reminder of event management best practice - in organising CILIP Cymru Wales' two-day annual conference.

Were your aims met? 

Yes, and more so. I return to the Welsh Government with deeper enthusiasm for the wider roles of librarians in society. I hope that we can harness this energy in extending the important work of Library & Archive Services in promoting and improving WG staff members information skills, and in being internal advocates for the profession. I'm also keen to share some of my experiences in partnership working, and in using social media to develop and maintain effective two-way communication with stakeholders. My professional network of contacts has increased significantly, and so I'm hoping to continue using this to identify new ways of working, and in professional updating more generally.

And the high points? 

Definitely helping to establish the very successful Welsh Librarian of the Year Award. It was humbling speaking to all five of the shortlisted librarians and finding out about their successes and huge positive impacts on the communities that they serve. I also gained a lot in helping to organise the Annual Conference. It's great to know that over 200 people benefitted through attending this vibrant event, and had the chance to share their experiences with colleagues from across Wales.

What next? 

I'm looking forward to: re-familiarising myself with my role of Legal Librarian and Team Leader; sharing my learning and experience; and in helping Library & Archive Services develop for the future. I have also been asked to maintain my involvement with the Welsh Librarian of the Year Award and I'm really thrilled to have a further opportunity to celebrate the innovation, achievements and impacts of librarians and information professionals from across Wales.

Well they do say that a change is as good as a rest! It's true.

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