Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Library Christmas Day 8

On the 8th day of Christmas my library gave to me:

I is for: images; imagination; inclusion; individual study; information; information commons; information literacy; information services; innovation; inspiration; inter-library loans (borrowing things from other libraries); and the internet.

Previously, libraries gave to me:

T is for:  trusted places, teaching (support for teachers /schools), teaching (librarians teaching) and teenage reading;
C is for: crime fiction community memory, careers information, help with my CV, and classics;
U is for: the unexpected, support during unemployment, universality (open for all) and uplifting experiences;
D is for: discovery, democracy and digital literacy;
O is for: open for all, opportunity, online resources and outreach;
R is for: reading, reading groups, recommendations, research and relaxation;
P is for: personal development, political literacy, power and photocopying.

With thanks to the excellent for the images and concept. Reused under CCBY

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