Friday, 2 January 2015

Library Christmas - day 10

On the 10th day of Christmas, libraries give to us:

E is for Ebook readers; ebooks; education; email (access to); employability; enquiry service; entertainment; equality; escape; events; everyone (is welcome); exciting; exhibitions; and expression.
Previously libraries have provided to our communities:
V is for: value for money, values (the things libraries stand for), viewing films and other materials, and supporting visually impaired users;
I is for: information, information literacy, innovation, inspiration and Interlibrary loans;
T is for: trusted spaces, teenage reading and teaching;
C is for: crime fiction, careers information, classics, community and community memory;
U is for: universality (open for all), understanding, unemployment support, and uplifting experiences;
D is for: democracy, digital literacy, discovery and diversity;
O is for: online resources, open for all, opportunity and outreach;
R is for: reading groups, recommendations, research and resources;
P is for: power, political literacy, papers and photocopying.

Image and wordlist credit reused under CC-BY license.

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