Saturday, 3 January 2015

Library Christmas - day 11

On the eleventh day of Christmas libraries give to us:

L is for languages; learning; leisure; lending / loans; librarians / library staff; literacy; literature; local studies; local to users.

Previously libraries have also supplied for Christmas:

E - empathy, enthusiasm, ebooks, employability, entertainment and enquiry services;
V - value for money, values (all the things that libraries stand for), viewing films and supporting visually impaired users;
I - information, inspiration, innovation and Interlibrary loans;
T - trusted spaces, teenage reading and teaching;
C - crime fiction, classics, community memory, community space, and careers information;
U - uplifting experiences, universality (open to all), and understanding;
D - databases, digital literacy, diversity and democracy;
O - online services, online support (helping users cope with digital by default, digital government), opportunity and outreach;
R - reading groups, reading recommendations, research and resources;
P - power, political literacy, popular stuff, papers and photocopying. 

... And a whole load more ...

 Libraries are found in great schools, support healthcare professionals in hospitals and community health settings, universities, colleges, research establishments and workplaces, in addition to the fantastic public libraries. Treat yourself to a library visit over the next few days. I bet you'll leave with renewed inspiration, new knowledge, a project to start, or perhaps even just having had a relaxing few minutes to yourself!

Library AtoZ images and some of the AtoZ words come from which enables re-use under CC-BY license.

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