Sunday, 4 January 2015

Library Christmas - day 12

On the twelfth day of Christmas libraries give to us:

Y is for young adult; your library; youth.

You know the score now. Previously libraries have also provided:

L is for languages, library staff, local studies, and leisure time;
E is for empathy, e-books, entertainment and enthusiasm / energy;
V is for viewing films, supporting visually impaired users and providing value for money;
I is for innovation, information, inspiration and Interlibrary Loans;
T is for teaching (librarians as educators), trusted spaces and teenage reading;
C is for community memory, crime fiction, community space and careers information;
U is for universality, uplifting experiences and understanding;
D is for databases, digital literacy, diversity and democracy;
O is for open for all, online (helping people get online), opportunity and outreach;
R is for reading groups, research, reading recommendations and resources;
P is for parental support, power, political literacy and access to popular stuff.

Libraries give us so much. We just need to take the plunge and use them, support them and advocate for them. You can suppor your library service by borrowing materials from them, using online services, completing annual user surveys and providing feedback after receiving excellent service. You may also need to consider responding to local authority consultations on budget setting plans, lobbying your elected representatives, and / or joining local library support groups.

With grateful thanks to for the superb graphics and letter discriptions. The images and text ideas are used here under the Creative Commons cc-by license.

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